Research Tools and Tips

Here are some useful tools for going research in general. Feel free to explore if you are new to research

Online Latex Platforms
  • ShareLaTex
  • Overleaf: It uses Git versioning system behind the scene and allows  users to clone, commit and keep track of updates of the paper. Good for collaborative writing. Users can either use the Git approach or online editing approach to edit the papers
Bibliography Management
  • JabRef
  • Mendeley (Online + Desktop): This supports interal literature search and also works well when using a centralized bib (bibtex.exe % -include-directory="X:/...path.../Bibliography/") 
PDF + Reading Material Management
Qualitative Data Analysis Software
Quantitative Data Analysis Software
Creating Figures 
  • LibreOffice Draw: This allows to save figures as PDFs (vector graphics), which is in better quality when used in LaTex. 
Online Storage and Sharing
Note Taking
Source Code Management (Online)
Source Code Management (Client)
PDF Annotation
  • DrawboardPDF: PDF annotation tool works with Surface Pro pen and Evernote. Annotations save back to Evernote 
TO-DO List