Publication Venues

Major IoT Journals are:
  • IEEE Internet of Things Journal (IEEE IOT)
    (Sponsor: IEEE)
  • ACM Transactions on Internet of Things (ACM TIOT)
    (Sponsor: ACM)

Due to the infancy nature of the field and lack of strong definition or scope has lead to fragmentation of IoT conferences. Over time, I some of the following conferences will become major conferences for IoT.
  • IEEE World Forum Internet of Things
    (IEEE WF-IOT) (Sponsor: IEEE)
    Page limit: 4-6 Pages
    Deadline: October/November
  • International Conference on the Internet of Things
    (IoT) (Sponsor: ACM In-Cooperation)
    Page limit: 6-8 Pages
    Deadline: May/June
  • IEEE International Conference on Internet of Things
    (Sponsor: IEEE, IEEE Cybernetics)
    Page limit: 8 Pages
    Deadline: April
  • ACM/IEEE International Conference on Internet-of-Things Design and Implementation (ACM/IEEE IoTDI)  (Sponsor: ACM/IEEE)
    Page limit: 12 Pages
    Deadline: October